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To pre-register, you can download a printable copy of the 2018 Cal-Stewart Brochure & Registration Form by clicking here. Registration forms will automatically be mailed to those on our mailing list, who have attended past Cal-Stewart meets. You may register by mail until November 4, 2018. Registration after November 4, 2018 is at the door. All sellers are required to complete the seller's sales tax certification form to receive a table for selling or to sell items in the auction at the Cal-Stewart meet. If you are using a California Sales Permit, you must include a copy of your Seller's Permit with your registration form.

        goodies at the Cal-Stewart Southern California Meet By registering, you are agreeing to the security agreement on the registration form. You may register in advance by mail, or at the door (see schedule.) To receive your registration package with entry badge, you must present identification at the Registration Desk. You may register a guest to attend the meet using the regular registration form. We encourage non-members to join T.T.O.S. Southwestern Division. For information on how to join, please visit our Membership page

Rules and security will be enforced. All items for sale or trade must be toy or train related. T.T.O.S. Southwestern Division is not responsible for the loss or theft of your goods. There will be a 24 hour security patrol in the Hall to help identify theft. Children must be closely supervised. Club members will be responsible for the behavior of their guests at all times while attending any of the Cal-Stewart events. Cal-Stewart name badges must be worn by all attendees and be visible at all times while in the trading hall; no one will be allowed to enter the trading hall without a registration badge. There are no restrictions on the use of cameras or cell phones in the Hall.

Tables are all assigned and are 2 ½ ft. by 8 ft. in size. To have a table near a friend, you must pre-register together in the same envelope. Pre-war trains and accessories at the Cal-Stewart Southern California Meet To have tables located with a special group of sellers, next to one of the layouts or next to the auction, you must specify this in an attachment to your registration form. We will make every effort to accommodate your needs. Table displays are limited to 3 ft. in height from the top of the table except if against the wall. Please pre-register at least four weeks prior to the meet for electrical outlets by checking the box on the registration form and paying an additional $20.00. The Fairplex facility does not provide chairs, and the rental chairs will not have any cushioning. If you require or desire a softer seat, you need to bring your own seat cushions. Sellers should bring their own table covers. A limited number of table covers are available at Registration. All items must be kept on or under the tables.

All people ordering tables and other sellers sharing them must pay the $30 registration fee and fill out the enclosed “Sellers Certificate” (including Occasional Sellers and Display Only). You must attach a photocopy of your valid Seller’s Permit to this form, unless you qualify as an “Occasional Seller” or the tables are for “Display Only”. Any table More goodies at the Cal-Stewart Southern California Meet registration or request for “Seller’s Badge” that does not include this form and the required information will be returned. We encourage all sellers to apply for a Seller’s Permit or a Temporary Seller’s Permit well before the Cal-Stewart meet, as it will be impossible to apply for a permit at the door. Only the California State Board of Equalization can issue a Seller’s Permit. Contact the California State Board of Equalization in your area for more information and an Application for a Seller’s Permit. Questions: 800-400-7115.

Unloading and set-up may be done at the times listed in the schedule only after you have registered. The registration desk will be located in the lobby of the auditorium and open on Friday 1-6 p.m. Permanent parking is not allowed in the loading area. All sellers may setup their tables and then must cover their merchandise and leave the hall WITHOUT DELAY. No trading, shopping, browsing or socializing in the hall is permitted on Friday or before 9:00 AM on Saturday when the Cal-Stewart Meet officially opens. All merchandise must be stored on top of or under the tables. Nothing may be stored or displayed in the aisles.
NOTICE: unless prior arrangements are made, tables unoccupied by 10:30 am on Saturday may be re-sold. Also, tables vacated early by sellers before the end of the meet may be re-sold.

Your courtesy is needed. All workers are volunteers. Please cooperate with them and follow the rules. Watch your children at all times.

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